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Revision Policy

The vast majority of our customers are thrilled with the written products they receive from We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied, because satisfied customers return to us for additional writing products. We do understand that there may be times when a customer wants revisions of a piece of writing that s/he receives, and we are committed to making those changes until satisfaction is achieved.

We are providing our revision policy here, so that everyone is aware of exactly how requests are received and handled by our staff.

How to Request a Revision

If you decide that you want anything changed, once you have reviewed the final draft of your written piece, there are a couple of ways for you to request revisions:

  • On your personal account page, where you downloaded your product, there is link for a revision request. You may give a detailed explanation of the request and submit it right there. In most cases, revisions are handled quickly and easily by your writer.
  • If your request is more complex, you may want to contact the customer service department to discuss the changes you need. We are happy to take all requests and will act upon them quickly.
  • If your revision request constitutes a change from your original order, you must go through customer service, because an additional charge may apply.

When Revisions Are Free

  • If your request for revisions does not change your original order in any way, you may request as many revisions as you like and they will all be free.
  • If your request for revisions does not change your original order in any way, you may also request a different writer to accomplish them. We are happy to accommodate that request.
  • If your writer has erred and not followed an instruction, of course, you will receive free revisions.
  • We also ask that you request your revisions as quickly as possible, so that you get your revised draft back as quickly as possible.
  • If you have already taken delivery of your product and, upon further review, you want revisions, you must request them within 7 days of receipt, in order for them to be free. For long orders, we allow 14 days.

Revisions that Require Additional Charges

If your requests change your original order, there will be an additional cost. For example, if you need additional pages or resources, we are happy to do this for you. You may make this request directly to your writer, but you will need to contact customer service as well, so that the additional cost can be tabulated. Please understand that we cannot begin work on a fee-based revision until payment is made, so time is really of the essence if you are trying to meet a deadline. Please also understand that your original deadline may need to be altered, and we cannot be responsible for this situation. We will certainly work as quickly as possible.
If your request is made after the deadline for these requests has passed, there will an additional charge. Please submit the details of your request via email to our customer service department, so that we can calculate the cost and get on them quickly.

Revisions Requested Before a Product is Finished

Sometimes, a customer may realize that his/her order left out some important information or detail, or that s/he made an error in the number of pages or resources. The sooner you find these errors and contact your writer, the better. You will also need to contact customer service, because we have to determine if your change requests will alter work that the writer has already completed, because there may be an additional charge. Again, the sooner you can contact us and your writer, the better.

We want you to get exactly what you want exactly when you need it. The best way to ensure this is for youto be extremely careful when completing your order form. Check it over before you press “submit,” and be sure that all of your detail is correct. You will receive a confirmation of your order, and this gives you another chance for review. If you need to make a change, the best time to it is before your writer has begun!